Bright Lights, Weird City

3rd Session

Be accepts Toby’s offer to a night at the Art Theater after he takes her punch to the face. She enters to find Tre, JT, and Claire already seated in the theater. The show begins, and the Well-Dressed Man congratulates them on their good fortune to be inducted into their night-time world. Shadowy figures materialize behind them and plunge their fangs into their necks. Just before the world disappears down a long, dark tunnel, the taste of a warm, coppery liquid brings them back from the brink.

When Be, Tre, JT, and Claire return to their senses, they begin to acquaint themselves with their new existence. Be and Tre were turned by Mia and Toby, and are now a part of the Gangrel. Claire has joined the Followers of Set, courtesy of Gregory. A mysterious faceless man who calls himself Bernie initiated JT into the Nosferatu.

Second Session: Dusk

Two weeks after the Canopy Club raid…

  • Claudia gets a visit from Lauren and her boyfriend Gregory, who challenges her to a game of chess. Even though the game ends in a stalemate, Claudia opens her sales catalog to her opponent. However, instead of party favors, Gregory wants Claudia to take a seat in the back row of Gregory’s organization.
  • Tre gets an invite to a DZ toga party that gets crashed by Mia the club kid, who makes him an offer that he can’t turn down: bring a girl to Mia’s place and the three of them will have a private party. Tre can’t get out of his toga fast enough, and pulls freshman Stacy from Kam’s and takes her to Mia’s campfire party on the far end of Urbana. Soon after, Stacy dies from severe blood loss as Mia drains her dry.
  • Be, whose memories of Afghanistan are starting to blur together with recent events at the Canopy, has another unsettling encounter with Toby during a nocturnal jog. Toby makes gestures of friendship towards Be, who gives him the cold shoulder. Shortly after, Be acquires a feline fan outside her dorm. Be’s next encounter with Toby is still creepy, but also nets her an invitation to see what’s behind the curtain.
  • Alexis’ fugue sculptures are getting more personal. She has now made a bust of herself with melting wax features and puncture wounds in her neck. Shortly after she gets a visit from Nicolette, one of classy ladies that she met at the Canopy Club, which she finds strange only because she assumed that her night with Trevor had been a drug-induced fever dream. She is whisked away to a meeting with another previously-assumed-to-be-fictitious Canopy Club partygoer named Beckett. Alexis finds that she’s been transformed into a bargaining chip between these parties, and has been given to waxy-complexioned man who plunges his fangs into her neck while Dr. Beckett looks on.
  • Rob’s Poli Sci class is interrupted by two G-men who want him for questioning. The G-man’s vise-like grip proves too powerful for Rob to escape, and he’s taken to an anonymous location far west of Champaign. The G-men convince him to be their mole in Darius Masters’ illegal operations. Soon after, Rob meets up with Darius at Murphy’s, who offers him a place in his organization if he’ll kill his friend whom he lent his father’s money. Rob accepts their offer.
  • JT goes to Nargile to get his weekly delivery, and runs into Laila and her former crush, Phillip. Phillip doesn’t like the look of JT, and JT ends up ejecting him forcibly from the bar. Laila shows her appreciation with a lapdance and Jt ends up being Laila’s light snack.
First Session

[OOC: I’d like to try using the Adventure Log to help us remember what happens between games. I’m going to put down some bullet points about what I remember from the session in a kind of third-person narrative format, and others can feel free to add on what they remember as well. Don’t reveal any character secrets, obviously, but if something happened out loud during the session, make a note of it here, even if your character wouldn’t know it.]

Last Streaks of Daylight

  • Alexis meets a mysterious sculptor while working late at the studio. While contemplating her future, she experiences a blackout and awakes to find that she has sculpted a flesh and blood looking yin-yang sigil without any memory of doing so. At home, she finds a note from the stranger inviting her to come find him at the Canopy Club.
  • JT has his first experience with a new enhancement drug that promises to improve his recovery time on the field. It doesn’t agree with him, but he’s willing keep trying as long as he can get it from Laila at Nargile.
  • Tre G is given party favor duty for the Pike’s first blowout of the semester, and the eccentric chess-playing Claudia becomes his new supplier after he defeats her at the game of kings.
  • Claudia frets about her friend Lauren, who seems to have gotten herself involved with some shady characters, and the state of the city after reading about recent night-time violence on the UIUC subreddit.
  • Be, still shaken from night terrors, is cajoled into attending a party at the Canopy Club, but not before threatening an obnoxious Pike with a broken bottle.
  • All is not sunny for Rob, who has to deal with his friend’s gambling debts and a father who is close to death. Sometimes one problem can solve the other, and Rob uses his father’s money to pay off Campustown kingpin Darius Masters.

The entire party arrives at the Canopy Club for the Dubstep Masquerade…

  • Rob meets Darius Masters again and convinces him that he can fund some new illicit enterprises with daddy’s money.
  • Claudia meets Lauren, and now she’s SURE that she’s gotten herself involved with some shady characters.
  • JT and Tre G hook up with Lola and Laila, but JT leaves early after Be decides that the party is too intense for someone in her condition. While outside, JT and Be meet Toby, a slightly skittish skater who knows a little too much about Be.
  • Alexis meets the mysterious sculptor and finds out that he’s being funded by a mysterious woman of exquisite taste and superfluous wealth who finds her very fascinating, indeed. She also has attracted the attention of another strange man who was definitely interested in her (for what reasons though, we do not know).
  • The Dubstep Masquerade is broken up by Gamma Omicron Pi, which might be the only frat on campus with body armor and combat rifles. The party flees the scene post-haste, but not before Alexis sees her potential meal ticket dissolve into ashes right before her eyes.

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