Bright Lights, Weird City

3rd Session

Be accepts Toby’s offer to a night at the Art Theater after he takes her punch to the face. She enters to find Tre, JT, and Claire already seated in the theater. The show begins, and the Well-Dressed Man congratulates them on their good fortune to be inducted into their night-time world. Shadowy figures materialize behind them and plunge their fangs into their necks. Just before the world disappears down a long, dark tunnel, the taste of a warm, coppery liquid brings them back from the brink.

When Be, Tre, JT, and Claire return to their senses, they begin to acquaint themselves with their new existence. Be and Tre were turned by Mia and Toby, and are now a part of the Gangrel. Claire has joined the Followers of Set, courtesy of Gregory. A mysterious faceless man who calls himself Bernie initiated JT into the Nosferatu.



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