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Welcome to the darker side of Champaign-Urbana!

I am still new to this but I am thinking this will be a section of the wiki where I will put rumors and the like to keep your minds turning between gaming sessions. There could be important plot clues or just a bunch of red herrings…you never know.

Character Creation

Each of the characters in this game are going to start off as college freshman either entering into The University of Illinois. Before we do any sort of character sheet I want you think about a few things…I want you think about what your character did before he/she got to college. What made them choose the U of I? What are they going to major in? What sort of extracurricular activities do they want to get involved in? What makes your character stand out? Does your character have a dark secret that they are desperately trying to hide? The more information I have on your character the more I can tailor the game to the characters. This is going to be a very character driven game and the more info I have the better.

Here is a cool character survey that I found. It has a lot of cool questions that will really get you into the mind of your character. You don’t HAVE to answer all the questions…but as I said before…the more information I have on your character the better. :D

If you need help coming up with basic ideas head over to The Fake Name Generator it’s a pretty nifty name generator (as well as other specifics).

When you get your character concept down…email me the description ( as well as a picture of what you think your character looks like. I will then create a page for your particular character.

Main Page

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